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Meenah auditions are /finally/ closed.

Because Whitey wouldn’t actually announce they’ve been closed ahahah
We’ll be announcing who was been cast as soon as we contact them.

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Anonymous sent: For auditions, would you suggest that we read a few lines from actual comic? And do you want them to sound creepy or regular?

A few lines from the comic are fine, yes. Or anything you come up with. 

Also, creepy. We wanna know what to expect from you. ouo

-Mod W

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Meenah auditions closing.

In an attempt to move things along a bit, we’ve bumped up the deadline for Meenah. 

We currently have one (1) Meenah audition, and will be accepting any others for another two days, possibly three.

So send us your lovely voices!

-Mod Whitey.

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I’ve decided to add how many auditions each character gets to the Cast page. I will be updating it regularly. Just in case anybody was curious. We’re still lacking in the auditions department, so please don’t be afraid to send one in or tell your friends.

We don’t bite. 


-Mod Whitey

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Welcome comrades!
You may leave your souls in the jar by the door on your way in.
Prepare to be scared for life, and remember, hail Satan.

-Mod Jimmy
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Hey there!

Just wanna get the word out there that we are currently fully open for auditions while we work out the kinks and stuff for the main blog.
Check out the audition info page and feel free to ask any questions you might have.
Hail Satan

- Mod Jimmy